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Prior to submitting information, please be sure to list the AGE and GENDER of each individual you would like included on the plan in the "message" section below.



While many people view health coverage/life insurance as another added expense to their lives, it should actually be perceived as an proactive investment. Not only on an individual basis, but also for the people you love the most. A common misconception regarding insurance, is that it's just too expensive for some people to afford. With the various types of life/health insurance products available today, it now makes it possible to find coverage to fit just about any budget. Also, shopping for insurance early before potential health problems arise, is one of the best possible times to make a purchase. Not only will your monthly premiums be more affordable, you'll find it's much easier to qualify for a policy when you're younger and healthier. Although finding the best coverage for you and your family can be a bit complex at times, don't let the fear of the "unknown" deter you from obtaining a policy. As an licensed agent, I would love to take a brief moment to discuss your needs. So please feel free to contact us either by phone or via email from the information listed on the page. Thank you, for taking the first step in protecting you and your family.

The Wilson Agency goes "over and beyond" to exceed expectations, for your insurance needs! We are dedicated to ensuring all potential clients recieve customer friendly service, as well as beneficial insight to enhance product accessibility. Even if our products don't best fit your needs, we can direct you to the appropriate destination. So allow us to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


The Wilson Agency offers complimentary policy reviews for interested individuals. To ensure you are saving the most money on existing plans,  whether it's through Health Coverage or Life Insurance. Our licensed representatives can also assist you with becoming more knowledgeable about the new healthcare products, now available to qualified clients. It only takes a few moments, to receive news that could change your life (including your budget). 

Andre Wilson

-Office Manager

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When you’re looking for health insurance, it’s a good idea to take a look at all the angles. You want coverage that works with your lifestyle, helps you get the best care possible and fits with your financial picture. That’s where the Wilson agency can assist. With a wide range of plans and an incredibly diverse network of doctors, clinics and hospitals across the nation, you’ll have access to many options. Whether you're looking to obtain major medical health insurance, short term health insurance, or simply dental benefits we've got you covered!


Getting a life insurance policy is vital for ensuring your family's security in the future. It is extremely important to make sure your loved ones will be protected and have financial security if the unexpected should occur. From medical bills and funeral costs, to mortgage payments and educational expenses, it can be a drain on all you've worked for and saved throughout the years. That's why it's essential to have financial protection in place for your family in the event of a death.There are many types of life insurance policies on the market to protect your family and finances, making it easier than ever to find the right balance of the affordability, flexibility and protection your family needs. That's where we come in, to make the process even easier for you!


We are proud to offer a large variety of insurance providers to choose from, to ensure all of your needs are met. This includes well-known carriers such as: CoreHealth, Pivot Health, UnitedHealthOne, HII, IHC Group,National General, Foresters, Transamerica, Manhattan Life, and many more!